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Racing Kit

The 2010 CBR600RR Racing Kit is to be released by HRC in January. These parts are intended for road racing use only.

CBR600RR Racing Kit is intended for wide range of customers to participate in races, as well as improving the competitiveness of the machine with exhaust pipe, silencer, air funnel, clutch, radiator, suspensions, meter, ECU and other parts replaced into race-use-only parts.

Improvement of the performance is intended by variety of engine and chassis parts.

  • * Appropriate specification according to each race regulation to be selected for participating in racing.

  • HRC racing motorcycles are made for competition use ONLY, and are NOT covered by warranty and NOT to be ridden on public roads.
  • All specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Please consult your authorized Honda motorcycle dealers.
  • HRC products are not available in all countries. Please check with your local dealer on parts availability and ordering procedure.