The NSF100 and NSF250R were created to help fuel the dreams of all the junior riders striving to compete against the world. The ‘NSF TO THE WORLD’ concept incapsulates this idea, showing what the hard work of all of our combined efforts at HRC can accomplish alongside these bright young talents. NSF TO THE WORLD T-shirts and stickers are currently provided to all the riders participating in the NSF100 HRC Trophy and the NSF250R Challenge so they can share their passion and show what they are a part of. HRC is here to support junior riders who are flying to the world level.

From 2021, HRC plan to expand the scope of the NSF TO THE WORLD concept to include select NSF series around the world.

The age and results of each rider are as of the time of the interview (October 17, 2018).
The contents of Dani Pedrosa is as of the time of the interview (December 09, 2018)
The contents of Marc Marquez is as of the time of the interview (February 01, 2019)


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Marc Marquez – #93

The youngest grand prix winner in the intermediate and premier MotoGP classes, the youngest world champion, and five-time winner (of which three are consecutive) of the MotoGP championship, Marc Marquez has had an outstanding career so far. In the 2019 season, Repsol and Honda celebrate their 25th year of a successful partnership, while Marc aims for even more wins and the championship title. The undisputed champion in modern times is also another rider in love with the NSF100.

A message to the next generation riders

Marc’s riding style takes him so low into the turns that not only does his knee scrape the asphalt, but sometimes, so does his elbow. For his riding style, Marc recommends the NSF100 to young riders.

‟Of course the torque is not like a MotoGP’s. But if you go with the very small shape, the feeling is very similar. You can lean the bike and you can ride with the elbow down. So it’s the bike that you learn many many things because you need a lot of corners with speed.”

Marc spent off-season in an unusual manner: in December 2018, he underwent surgery for his left shoulder, which had a habit of dislocation. Although the surgery was successful, he would have to spend six weeks resting. He had a unique way of training, given the circumstances.

“As you know I have a NSF100 Honda bike and I enjoy a lot of riding. After my long recovery, I used the bike to get the feeling again. I used the bike NSF100 to be back on MotoGPs.”

MotoGP Legend Moto3 Moto2 IATC NSF Activities in Japan NSF activities around the world NSF TO THE WORLD logo utilization development

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